Wednesday, June 3, 2009

McClellen Rocks

 For a very long time I'd wanted to go check out a place called McClellen rocks.  What had enticed me to this area was the supposed "best crack in spokane".    We spent the next three weekends there checking out the area.  First, it's definitely a Spring/ Fall shoulder season area.  During these times there are, less ticks, less mosquitos, no poison ivy, and no rattlesnakes.  We had a really good time there and got on a lot of routes.  Here are a few photos.

  Conrad on someone else's open project 5.hard 

  Me on middle finger of fury V5/6 with a 20 foot topout.
             fell from the top move 4 times, but finally got it! Should have brought more pads.

Me on "The best crack in Spokane"  Was it the best crack in Spokane????  Out of all the cracks I've climbed in the area probably!  It's hard to grade this climb, but if it where on a roped climb it would probably come in somewhere around 5.11.  The climb starts about 2o feet back and climbs out of the cave eventually turning totally horizontal.  Perfect hand size pods the whole time.

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