Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Projecting at Granite Point

The first weekend I arrived in Idaho 4 years ago, with new friends, I set out in search of somewhere to climb.  The closest place was Granite Point.  Coming from Laramie, WY, home to over 1,000 routes within a 30 minute drive, it was quite hard to stomach what I saw when I turned down into the canyon that held the snake river.  Needless to say I was expecting more than a 50 foot tall by 300 foot wide, slick, graffitied, chunk of granite with hoards of drunken college students partying on top.

Over the years I've kept coming back though.  Why?  For me it is the gradual progression of routes that take me a long time to get clean.  I'd never really projected routes until I moved to Idaho.  This was a whole different style of climbing and I've learned to appreciate it.  

For almost two years I worked on a 5.11a, stiff in my opinion, called Hand over Hand. 

My two new projects there are Steroids to Heaven a soft 5.12c (probably 5.11c/d at most), razorblades a sharp and crimpy 5.11c/d, and psychosynthesis (5.12a, seems much harder for me)
Here are some pictures of Tom and Zach working razorblades.  I've heard Tom got it and I think Zach will get it soon.

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