Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Slick Rock!

Went to Slick Rock last weekend and had another great day there.  Every climb I have done on slick rock has been memorable and just plain chill.  

Slick Rock is a 1200 foot tall slab of solid granite set in the lick creek sub basin.  The perfect U-shape of the valley, easily observed from a belay ledge 600 feet up, is a great visual of how a glacier slowly moved through annihilating everything in it's way.  Lining the valley are huge stands of Ponderosa Pine and Tamarack, while numerous waterfalls work their way down the other side of the valley.  On either side snow capped peaks with large unclimbed faces tempt the adventurous climber.

We left Moscow at 8 am and headed towards McCall.  The scenic drive down highway 55 always seems to go quick as the Salmon River keeps the eyes busy.  After losing an hour at "Time Zone Bridge" we made it to slick rock around 1 pm and probably got on the rock around 2.  This trip we had decided to do the Classic route (5.6) with many comfy belay ledges.  It was Bridget's first multi-pitch climb and she did amazing!  She climbed quickly and didn't have any problems removing gear!  Also by the end of the climb our transitions where super quick.  I've never done this route with my 70 meter rope, but we made it up in 5 rope stretching pitches.

The decent didn't seem as bad this time (I guess after 6 prior times, one gets used to it). 
Also Bridget kicked the descents ass! She is one tough lady.  After meeting a really nice couple from Boise and talking to them for a while on the road we headed into town to go swimming at the MOSS beach.  After swimming it was time for the post slick rock ritual burger and pbr at Paradise Burgers.  For those that are going through McCall and haven't heard of Paradise burgers, check it out!  

On Sunday there was free boat trials on Payette Lake so after making some bomb breakfast burritos at Adrienne's we headed to the lake.  Eventually it was time to head back to Moscow, blah.  Overall a really great weekend!

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