Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tieton Canyon

I went to Tieton Canyon with Bridget this past weekend.  It would be about a 3.5-4 hour drive from Moscow.  At first arrival I was very pessimistic about what the climbing would be like.  Upon first sight it looks like a bunch of chunks of columnar basalt.  From past experiences climbing on columnar basalt I've known it to be not very solid.  The basalt at Tieton is VERY solid and makes for really good climbing.  The first day we went to Royal Columns and spent the first half of the day on the side closer to the trail.  We did some really fun routes including Jam Exam 5.9, Orange Sunshine 5.10b, and Western Front 5.3.  The cracks while not splitter are quite interesting.  I found after fiddling with cams a lot that passive pro works very well here.  I was still happy to have my cams, but equally as happy for the passive stuff.  We had heard that the ratings at Tieton are sanbagged, I found it to be the opposite.  I felt most of the ratings up to 5.9 were fair, and that ratings after that were inflated.  We found a great free camping spot by the river, and had a really fun weekend!  Below are a few pics of the climbing there.

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