Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Inspiration for the summer climbing season

The Sedona season has pretty much wrapped up. I'm still looking forward to some evening towers in the warmer weather, but for the most part it's time to shift focus back to the forks, peaks, etc... Surprisingly I've recently gotten back into sport climbing and it's been a blast. This has in turned inspired me to actually train a little and try to really break into the next level. For those that know me, I'm not one to train, and have self labeled as an elitist trad climber, mainly because of my lack of strength on sport and bouldering. When I bouldered and sport climbed more I felt as if every time I got strong I would get hurt.

Recently, and what will lead me into the second part of this post, is a change of diet. I've changed my diet to heavily represent food without many ingredients that is mostly unprocessed, and cut eating out back to less than a few times a month. Long story short, I've lost wait, and in turn have finally broken into the 5.12 barrier without getting hurt. So far all these years a simple diet change would have resulted in less injuries! Pretty common knowledge, and something I should have realized years ago. I've also cut down on my drinking, which for those who know, also wasn't exactly helping my climbing. This is all part of one of my next journeys and that is to try to almost completely localize my diet, and reshift my time into learning how to make things that I would have had to buy.

Inspired partially because my unexpected strength gain in climbing and partially from a book by Juliet Shor Plenitude I've decided to spend my free time (non market time) by expanding my knowledge of activities such as sewing, beer making, baking, carpentry, pretty much any skill that would allow me to become more efficient, save money, and find some "flow" in everday life.
Finally, I'd like to minimize my waste as much as possible, which I believe in turn will save me a bunch of money and force me to actually commit to the activities I just talked about. So to end this post, and to start a journey, some recent climbing pics!

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