Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Humbled by the desert

As I look at the scratches, cuts, and bruises on my legs and arms, and the soreness of my quads I think about how good it is to be humbled. Memorial day weekend is filled with people epic'ing on climbs, hikes, paddles, bikes, etc... I didn't think I would make a rookie mistake, but recent successes in climbing have made me over confident. The day started waking up at 4 am dropping Julia off at the Mesa airport for her flight to Arkansas. After driving back to Flagstaff (which took 4.5 grueling hours due to a car wreck) I got some coffee looked at the topo/approach for "the windows route" in Sedona, loaded my pack and got back in the car. Jason and I have had pretty good luck in the past with the "fun," approaches guarding the red rock giants of Sedona. This time however what we thought was going to be an easy 30 minute hike turned into 3 hours of bushwacking, kicking steps in inches of loose dirt covered slick rock, and the unrelenting sharp pokey flora that grows seemingly everywhere. Upon finding the climb on the opposite side of where we started and getting up to the saddle the wind was gusting around 50 to 60 mph. The decision to not climb was made, and luckily we'd brought summit beers. Albeit a failure of the summit the time spent outside was much needed and we celebrated our spiritual successes over the beer. The windows route looks awesome and I can't wait to go back and send!!! Here's a few pictures Jason took.

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