Thursday, May 26, 2011

Photo of the week

I've spent a lot of time trying to get a good photo of Humpries Peak. It seems I'm always too late, too early, or the weather is just too good to get a shot. I've learned my lesson in the past of always taking my camera with me as I've missed many good shots. Last Saturday I got a shot that I think is decent, not great, but in the right direction of getting the shot I want. After hiking up to the saddle between Humphries and Agassiz on a gorgeous spring day we turned around to check out were we had just come from and the clouds were going crazy. The dormant volcano top looked as if it was sucking clouds into it. I took this shot in color, but thought that it looked better in black and white. I have to admit I used a set mode on the camera for it because the clouds were moving so fast and didn't have time to set it up properly. I used the depth of field mode as I wanted to highlight the prairie in front, the trees and top of the peak in the middle, and the sky in the back. The sky is easily the coolest part of the photo as it is multilayered.

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