Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picture of the week

I've decided to start posting a picture a week with a story of my inspiration and how I took it. Since the photo above is one of my favorites and one of my most planned I've decided to start with it. The photo was taken outside of Red Rock National Conservation area in Las Vegas, NV at the Kraft Boulders. As one walks down the trail the split in this boulder catches the eye, and begs to be climbed. The first time I went to Red Rocks I climbed this gem, and tried to take some pictures. At the time I had a cheap point and shoot, the lighting was bad, and the composition was awful. Five years later I came back with a tripod and a vision. I knew that the light would be perfect at in the early evening and to take the shot from the east side of the boulder. I got really lucky with this shot as the sky was cloudy, but the air was clear. I set up the tripod and my friend James climbed the boulder. It was Jame's first time chimneying but his form was great. I snapped off about 10 shots and this one turned out the best. I used ISO 200 and shot it with a 18-55mm lense at 18mm. For me this picture encompasses the freedom of bouldering. This problem tops out at about 25 feet and keeps the climber going until the end. Also with Jame's being a relatively inexperience climber I think it shows the natural movement disposition of people to climbing.

I'll be posting another picture next week!

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