Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last weeks climbing...

My friend Earl was in town for the week and I got my full share of climbing in. In the last 7 days I managed to climb at paradise forks, west elden, priest draw, buffalo park, east clear creek, and the peaks (twice)! Got on a bunch of cool lines, but didn't take any pictures. Here's some highlights of routes from the week.
  • Led Davidsons Dihedral again (5.11+)
  • Figured out the crux on Sail Away (5.12)
  • Redpointed the scoop climb at the peaks (5.11+)
  • Finally led a crack at the peaks I've been oogling for a year (5.11)
  • Did some classic deep water solo's at east clear creek, Sea King (5.11), The Shield (v3), and a ton of other super fun routes.
Also saw a pretty cool film that debates the idea of being a dirtbag. This is something I've often toiled with, so it was cool to see the film, and they had free beer.
I've often wanted to just get away, live out of my vehicle, and climb. However there is another side of me pulling, directing me to try to make beneficial social change. I don't think I could be a dirtbag, as my philosophy is centered around Hanna Arednt's notion of "the human condition," Freire's "unfinishedness of being," and my own vision of how to create change. Put simply, I feel it is all of our responsibilities to contribute to the betterment of our communities.

Here's a link to their site and the preview of the film. Definitely worth checking out.

Finally, I had a great time hanging out with good friends. It was just what I needed to find the motivation to sprint to the finish line with my thesis!

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