Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First day of training

I want to climb bigger harder routes. I want to go fast. These two simple statements have led me to think about training. I've been looking at a lot of different training plans, and one sticks out from the rest. Mountain Athlete, based out of Jackson, WY trains many guides and climbers who climb hard and big routes fast. Today was the first day of training, and I'm going to try to keep updates on this blog of what is going on. Here was the workout from today.

Row 1/2 miles to warm up
5 rounds of Barbell Complex's
Run 1/2 mile at fast pace
Climbing 4 rounds of 4x4's on bouldering wall.

It wasn't too bad today but I am definitely. Going to feel it tomorrow. I haven't been in a weight room for quite a long time and it must have been funny watching two dudes fumble around the equipment trying to figure out which to use and how much weight. I'd forgotten how limiting the traditional gym setup is, and have renewed respect for crossfit, gym jones, mountain athlete, and other facilities that think outside of the box in regards to functional training.

We are going to start by doing workouts twice a week with climbing 4 days a week and cardio every day.

My plan:
Rainbow Wall Original Route this spring
Lots of hard desert towers in moab area this fall
Winter training ascents of Mt. Humphries
BIG routes in the Cascades and Tetons this summer

I am entirely STOKED to be remotivated in achieving bigger and more meaningful goals in climbing!