Monday, March 26, 2012

Summer Inspiration

"Maps encourage boldness. They're like cryptic love letters. They make anything seem possible."
Mark Jenkins, "To Timbuktu"

It is time to start planning and training for the summer! Flagstaff has a lot of diversity in climbing, but one thing it doesn't have is real mountains. This summer I will head north to test myself against the Wind Rivers, Sawtooths, and Cascades. It will be a great coming together of everything I have learned in the past ten years of climbing. It will hopefully test me mentally, physically, and spiritually, and leave me refreshed. This blog post will lay out the big summer objectives, and how I plan to train to make them possible. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Summer Climbing Objectives

Full North Ridge of Mt. Stuart: Did the upper north ridge a while back with Earl and it was one of the best climbs of my life. Want to go back this summer and get down on the full N. Ridge, 30 pitches and tons of hiking car to car! Hopefully...

Rainer car to car in a day: Have never done Rainer, but have always wanted to. So why not try to do it in a day?

Colchuck Balanced Rock: Said to have some of the best granite in the range... we will find out, all of these routes look amazing!

A Fine Line, Elephants Perch, Sawtooths, Idaho: Never climbed the perch, planning to start with Fred Becky's favorite.

Prusik Peak: Another one I've always wanted to do. The challenge here is getting a permit, so we'd have to do it car to car. Sweet!

Black Elk, Warbonnet Peak, Wind Rivers, WY
I love the Wind Rivers, and this line looks amazing!

I'll be stoked if I get to do any two of these routes. Weather will be a deciding factor as well as money and time. Three would be rad, and four would make for an epic summer!

Training Plan:
3-4 days climbing at the gym or outside
Run up the Elden Slabs and link into Elden Lookout Trail once a week
Do 15 pitch days at Paradise Forks, the Peaks each weekend
Run up and down Humphries once a week
Bike everywhere... only drive to Paradise Forks

and as I mentioned before eat super healthy, drink less beer, and very limited deserts.

This is my plan! Stoked to give it a go!