Monday, June 25, 2012

Last big day of training before the trip!

Yesterday was the last big day of training before the trip to the Northwest.  We were going to do three peaks in Flagstaff in a day to simulate climbing Rainer in one push.  Slept in a bit too late, left at 10:30am instead of 6am, but had a great day.  Started with Humprhies and focused on keeping a good brisk pace that we could maintain the whole time.  Ended up topping out at around 1:47!  Came back down and it was only 2, so took some downtime and the house to let the hot temps (87 degrees) subside and then set out to do the Elden Slabs.  I wasn't sure how my body would react, as most of the training has been high intensity for shorter time periods.  Went into the slabs with the same strategy of keeping a good pace the whole time and not stopping.  To my surprise we topped out Elden in 1:02.  I was not expecting to be able to keep the pace for both of the objectives, but am super excited to see all the training pay off.  In total the hikes were about 13 miles and 6,000 feet of elevation gain car to car in under six hours!  This is not super fast by any means, but it was a constant pace and at this rate we have a great base of fitness to take to the Cascades.

I'm sure I'll be taking some solid rest days so will be trying to actually update this blog about the adventures in the PacNW.  Looking forward to good coffee, food, and friends!  And oh yeah using my new Canon 60D!!!

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